秉持耐心是種美德的精神,與對工法的要求與敏銳度,自 2017 年起,持續提供多種空間規劃服務,嚴格把關工程品質,不斷精進與檢視自身,展現機能與美感氛圍最大可能。

Build a dreamer together - since 2017, has adhered to the spirit that patience is the virtue, and the specific requirements of the construction crafts, we continuously provide multiple spatial planning services. We strictly controlled the quality of the project, constantly make progress, and examine ourselves, expect to create the most conspicuous function and aesthetic atmosphere.


In the design field, we don't pursue the specific styles, other than to seek various creative ideas. We attach importance to the well communication in advance; moreover, value the demands of the property owners. We make effort to build the ideal pattern and texture of the space; meantime, work in concert to preserve the design value and aesthetic ingenuity, so as to accumulate the affection and memory of the space and people forever.




吳君星 / Camby Wu
黃惠婷 / Verna Huang



Base on the essence of the space, and then merge the rationality and sensibility of design by mean of the " function figures" and " performance features". We diligently pay attention to the details of the comprehensive planning and the color scheme; hence bring about the novel atmosphere of the circumstance. We attentively listen to the customers' demands, and give suggestions of our professional point of view, thence create the value that 1+1 is more than 2. We break through the conventional patterns and model the up-to-date artistic views.


We "build" the "dreamer" space and practice the ingenuity design "together" that by virtue of the geometric simplicity and the proportion conformity. Ranging from the interior and the commercial space design, we guarantee to bring about glamorous scenes, and present the exclusive life chapter at the same time.

B U I L D   A   D R E A M E R   T O G E T H E R